Woody Allen on Casting Miley Cyrus in New Series: “She is really a talented girl”

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, filmmaker Woody Allen opened up on one of his latest projects – a new comedy series for Amazon starring Miley Cyrus.

The series has finished filming yet remains untitled, however, Woody did reveal that: “it’s six half-hour episodes. And it ends. It’s not the kind of thing that could go on in perpetuity. It’s one story. It’s a comedy that stars me, Elaine May and Miley Cyrus primarily, a domestic comedy that takes place in the late 1960s. And hopefully people will find it amusing. It’s not going to start any new religions, I can tell you that.”

When asked about meeting Miley, Woody stated that he hadn’t met the former Disney star before this project, however, he had noticed her years before during her run on Hannah Montana.

“I noticed years ago that my kids would be watching Hannah Montana,” he explained. “And I would say: ‘Who is that girl? She’s got such a good delivery. You know, she snaps those lines off so well. The show is a silly little show, but she’s very good at what she does.” And then she emerged as a singer, and someone showed me a little clip of hers from Saturday Night Live, and I said, “It confirms what I always thought about her: She is very good, she is really a talented girl.’ She wanted to take some time off, but she [agreed to do the series] because the role interested her. So I met her right here.”

As of now, no release date has been set for the untitled Amazon series.

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Woody Allen on Casting Miley Cyrus in New Series: “She is really a talented girl”

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