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Katherine McNamara Named New Face of WallFlower Jeans – TEEN DAILY

Katherine McNamara Named New Face of WallFlower Jeans

Katherine McNamara has landed a new gig as the newest face of WallFlower Jeans!

According to WWD, the Shadowhunters actress is the brand’s latest ambassador, stepping into the role previously held by stars like Sarah Hyland, Olivia Holt, and Bella Thorne.

“It’s been a fun experience,” Katherine said about her new gig. “although I’m not a natural model. For my first shot, they stood me on a swing and gave me a huge push, then I had to try and look natural while trying to keep my balance six feet in the air,” she laughed.

“It’s not just about buying another pair of jeans, it’s about buying a dream,” WallFlower president Nathan C. Mamiye says. “All our ambassadors have a lot in common; they’re up-and-coming, generally wholesome and mom-approved. That’s very important for us as a brand.”

“Katherine is a great role model for our loyal customer; she’s smart, beautiful and talented, and she graduated college [at age 17] by the time most people enter high school.”

Katherine is now pursuing a master of science in applied economics at the John Hopkins University.

Keep an eye out for Katherine’s new ads, which will launch in August for back-to-school time!

Congratulations to Katherine on her new ad campaign!

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Katherine McNamara Named New Face of WallFlower Jeans

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