Laura Marano Brings ‘Boombox’ to AOL Build

Austin & Ally star Laura Marano was spotted out in New York City on Wednesday (June 1), where she dropped by the AOL studios to promote her new single Boombox.

At the studios, Laura sat down for an AOL Build session, where she chatted about her music and acting career.

“Being an artist, it’s different from being an actress,” Laura says. “As an actress, you are going into a part that is given to you and you get to develop certain characteristics, but you have the fine print of where you’re going with it.”

“As an artist, it’s all you, which makes it a gazillion, billion times more scary because it’s way more intimate and more personal. But it’s cool to show that side of you, and I knew that I wanted to be able to be in charge of that as much as possible. I’m really lucky because Big Machine [Records] has given me that ability and that opportunity to have complete freedom as an artist, and a lot of creative control.”

Check out Laura’s full interview below!

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Laura Marano Brings ‘Boombox’ to AOL Build

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