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Melissa Benoist to star in New Comedy 'Sun Dogs' – TEEN DAILY

Melissa Benoist to star in New Comedy ‘Sun Dogs’

Melissa Benoist has just been annoucned as one of the newest cast members added to the new comedy film Sun Dogs.

The Supergirl actress will star alongside Michael Angarano, Allison Janney and Ed O’Neill in the film, which is set to be directed by Once Upon a Time star Jennifer Morrison.

The comedy will follow:

It follows a young misfit, Ned (Angarano), in his repeated failed attempts to join the Marines and serve his country. When his last interview fails, he takes a Marine officer’s advice to “protect the homefront” a little too seriously, and sets his sights on a casino manager who may or may not be a terrorist mastermind. In trying to uncover this “terrorist cell,” he enlists the help of a young runaway, Tally (Benoist), forming the most unlikely possible anti-terrorism unit in a story of love, friendship and homeland security.

The movie will begin filming today in Los Angeles.

In the meantime, Melissa just premiered her new movie Lowriders yesterday at the LA Film Festival!

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Melissa Benoist to star in New Comedy ‘Sun Dogs’

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