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Cher Lloyd Dishes On Her New Music: "This album is full of things I wouldn't dream of speaking to anyone about" – TEEN DAILY

Cher Lloyd Dishes On Her New Music: “This album is full of things I wouldn’t dream of speaking to anyone about”

After releasing her last album Sorry I’m Late two years ago, singer Cher Lloyd is ready to come back better than ever!

After releasing her new single Activated last week, Cher spoke with Marie Claire about her new music, and what fans can expect from her next album.

“For the first time in my whole career I’ve had 100 percent creative control,” Cher says about leaving Simon Cowell‘s record label. “And that means going into sessions and actually physically writing these songs as a co-writer, and picking the songs I want to be put on this record.”

“Everything form the visuals, to the videos—it’s been 100 percent me. That is so important to me, because I feel that my fans deserve to get something that’s authentic and real. I find it so funny how people that don’t write the music, and have no involvement in it, can make such huge decisions on behalf of artists.”

Cher Lloyd

“I’ve been incredibly lucky throughout the beginning stages of my career up ’til now, and so lucky to work with the incredible people I’ve worked with. But I almost feel like that time of my career was the time for me to sit back and learn from people who have been in this business for years and years. To gather as much information and knowledge from those people to then go for it myself.”

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As for how personal her new songs are, Cher says:

“As a writer I’m always mindful that not everyone is going to feel the same way I do about something, so my emotions are just my emotions. But I also like to keep in mind that when other people listen to these songs, they can feel something from them as well, and it’s not just my experience. It’s the listener’s as well.”

“This album is full of things I wouldn’t dream of speaking to anyone about. But there’s lyrics within this album where I know what I’m saying. I’m able to sing it, but I’m not able to talk about it. There are a couple of songs on this record that I’m probably going to find quite hard, emotionally, to perform.”

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While she does get personal on her album, Cher also revealed that she’s careful about specifically refering to people in her life:

“I’m quite mindful of making sure I don’t make it so specific that the listener knows exactly who I’m speaking about. If it’s a family member or a loved one, I don’t feel like I want to do that. I get why people do that and it works, because when you write songs, it’s like a release. I don’t blame people for doing that, and some of the best songs ever written are because and artist vented, and let up all that pent up emotion. That’s what creates amazing songs. But I’m really mindful of not calling anyone out.”

Cher Lloyd Activated

During her interview, Cher also revealed what her new single Activated is about, saying:

“I think it’s the beginning of a brand new phase. A lot of things have changed for me within the past few years. I took some time out from actually being directly in the spotlight to 100 percent concentrate on creating this record. Over that period of time I was so amped up for someone to hear something, and that is what this song is to me. The beginning of a new start. It’s a door-opener for the record.”

You can read more of Cher’s interview here!

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Cher Lloyd Dishes On Her New Music: “This album is full of things I wouldn’t dream of speaking to anyone about”

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