Karlie Kloss Shines on Women’s Health’s October 2016 Issue

Model Karlie Kloss shows off her toned figure on the new October 2016 issue of Women’s Health magazine, where she dishes up on why she takes care of herself, how she stays healthy, and what it’s like walking the runway.

On Taking Care of Herself:

“I don’t sit still very long, so that’s why I’ve had to really learn how to take care of myself and feel my best even when I’m not in my routine, when I’m not sleeping in my own bed [or] working out in the same place.”

On Eating Healthy:

“I’m pretty healthy most of the time…I eat a lot of fish, a lot of vegetables. I really like to cook with really clean, fresh ingredients. I think during crunch time, I’m usually a little more careful about the sweets. I have a serious sweet tooth…I started a cookie line because I have that much of a sweet tooth. But you still gotta indulge and enjoy life.”

Karlie Kloss Women's Health October 2016

On her favorite workout:

“I love to dance. There’s nothing more gratifying than a good sweat.”

On Walking the Runway:

“No matter how many times I’ve walked the runway show, I always sort of get that adrenaline leading up to it and just before. All of the nerves or [if I’m] feeling a bit anxious or feeling tired, the best way to combat that, really, in my opinion, is by breaking a good sweat. It’s the best therapy.”

You can check out Karlie’s full feature when the October issue of Women’s Health hits newsstands on September 13th!

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Karlie Kloss Shines on Women’s Health’s October 2016 Issue

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