Maisie Williams Visits Local Schools to Raise Awareness on Child Abuse

Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams stepped out for a good cause this week, teaming up with the NSPCC to raise awareness for child abuse.

On Thursday (September 29), Maisie visited local schools in Bristol, where she spoke with BBC Points West on the importance of letting children know it’s okay to speak up about problems at home and use resources like NSPCC’s helpline.

“We’re trying to help kids to find a trusted adult to speak to if there’s something going on at home,” Maisie says in an interview with the news channel. “Help them understand what is okay and what is not okay, and hopefully help them speak out about anything that could be troubling them. Sometimes your parents are arguing and fighting, and it’s about letting kids know from an outside perspective that sometimes it’s okay to complain about things like that and to speak out. So for any issue big or small that they have, they now have an outlet and can talk about it.”

Later that night, Maisie stepped out to celebrate the NSPCC’s Childline’s 30th Anniversary at the NSPCC Childline 30 Ball. You can find out more about the foundation and the Childline on the NSPCC website here

Maisie Williams NSPCC

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Maisie Williams Visits Local Schools to Raise Awareness on Child Abuse

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