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WATCH: Nathan Sykes Performs during Baeble Next Session – TEEN DAILY

WATCH: Nathan Sykes Performs during Baeble Next Session

Singer Nathan Sykes made a special appearance on Bable Music recently, where he dished on going solo after The Wanted and performed some of his new music.

“When you spend five years in a band you get used to writing for other people,” Nathan said. “But now…I can just sing…for me. And I can write for me.”

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Shot the video for the new single yesterday ...

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“I always tell people to go and follow their dreams. Go and do what you love. And don’t let anyone get in the way of that,” he said. “So why don’t I listen to my own advice? So I did. I’ve got unfinished business, I’ve got more to give, I’ve got more potential to show to people, I’ve got more music to write.”

“For the first time…I’ve really managed to learn to take my barriers down. So I’m writing really really personal stuff.”

During his appearance, Nathan also performed some of his new music, including single “Over and Over Again.” Check it out:

Nathan’s solo album Unfinished Business will be released on November 4th.

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WATCH: Nathan Sykes Performs during Baeble Next Session

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