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Out Now: Alyson Stoner's 'While You Were Sleeping' EP – TEEN DAILY

Out Now: Alyson Stoner’s ‘While You Were Sleeping’ EP

Singer Alyson Stoner has just released her new EP While You Were Sleeping!

The former Camp Rock star released the EP on Friday (October 28), and it is now available on iTunes and other digital platforms. It includes five songs, including her singles Woman, Back To Church, and The Boy is Mine.

Alyson will also be chatting about her new EP during a Facebook Live Q&A with fans at 4PM PT on Friday, October 28th. Be sure to tune in here to check it out!

Track Listing:
1. Woman
2. Back to Church
3. The Boy is Mine
4. Flow
5. Miles

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Out Now: Alyson Stoner’s ‘While You Were Sleeping’ EP

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