Sabrina Carpenter Reveals her Dream Prom Date in Seventeen’s Prom Issue

Girl Meets World star Sabrina Carpenter graces the special new prom issue of Seventeen magazine, where she dishes on all things prom.

“Prom is supposed to be a good experience and an amazing memory,” Sabrina says. “It’s okay to not have a date, especially if you’re going with a group of people. (For the record, my dream date would be Lin-Manuel Miranda or Emilia Clarke.)”

“When it comes to parties, I don’t think, I’m going to meet boys, or I need to bring a boy. For me, it’s more like, This is going to be a really fun party and I’m going to get dressed up and feel special — and who knows what could happen?”

As for what she’d like to wear to prom, Sabrina says:

“My dream prom dress would be like Taylor Swift‘s gown from the ‘Love Story‘ music video — something that is either very lacy or has a lot of texture to it and looks like it’s from a fairy tale,” she says. ” In general, I like to wear longer dresses because I’m short, so I can put on a pair of heels underneath and people are like, ‘Did you grow?'”

While she hasn’t had a chance to go to a prom yet, Sabrina already knows how she’ll celebrate after the big dance:

“I’ll go out for pizza or to In-N-Out Burger with my friends,” she says. “I’m always hungry, but especially after a long night of dancing. At that point, I’m just like, ‘Screw it — I’ll have the milkshake!'”

Check out more from Sabrina’s feature when Seventeen Prom hits newsstands on stands December 20!

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Sabrina Carpenter Reveals her Dream Prom Date in Seventeen’s Prom Issue

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