David Henrie Engaged to Maria Cahill

Actor David Henrie has announced that he is engaged to girlfriend Maria Hill.

The former Wizards of Waverly Place star opened up about his engagement and relationship in a recent interview with Blog De Los Angeles, where he recounted how he and Maria first met and how he orchestrated an elaborate proposal.

David and Maria first met at an event where they were both guest speakers. David described their first meeting, saying:

“She was so very well-spoken, so articulate and so beautiful! I got really nervous and when I’m nervous, I can be very awkward… I didn’t know how to make the right move and go talk to her, then I noticed she was feeling cold and that gave me an opportunity to give her my sweater, that was like my “in”. I had to go sign some autographs and that was it! We left, parted ways, and I didn’t get to see her anymore.

“Later, I really needed to figure out how to get a hold of her. I remembered we had a mutual friend, so I texted him and said, “Hey! Can I get Maria’s number?” He answered: “You know she has a boyfriend, right?” She had a boyfriend! And I could not mess with that… So I thought it just was not meant to be. Two hours later, my friend called me: “Guess what! I was mistaken! They are not dating anymore. Here’s her number”.

“I texted her right away and we started the funniest conversation EVER, back and forth and I thought, wow, she is clever, she is really funny, very witty, she has a sense of humor and most important, she gets mine too! We liked the same things, the same movies… I noticed we had a lot in common right off.”

As for the proposal, David said:

It was a BIG thing… I wanted to do something really special, something that would make everything pale in comparison to our entire relationship so far… Something we could look back on and that we both think, “WOW, that was amazing, right?” The dating process leading to a big finale… So I came up with a plan. I wanted it to be a big surprise, something she would never see coming.

David ended up orchestrating an elaborate day on Catalina Island with Maria, where he had to overcome some challenges so that he could propose at the perfect moment. You can read all about the full proposal here!

Congratulations to David and Maria!

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David Henrie Engaged to Maria Cahill

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