Dove Cameron Channels Marilyn Monroe for Galore Magazine

Actress/Singer Dove Cameron shows off some glamorous ’50s styles on the newest issue of Galore Magazine, where she dished on her role in Disney’s Descendants, her new music and on being a role model for young girls.

On playing Maleficent’s daughter in Descendants:

“I associated more with the villains when I was younger. I mean I think the villains, all across the board, are always more interesting people. I always loved Maleficent because she’s the most evil of them all, and if you’re going to like a villain, you might as well go all in. “The Descendants” franchise continues to be one of my absolute favorite things I’ve ever done with my time.”

Dove Cameron Galore Magazine

On what evil characters can teach girls:

“So much of what I’m about is positivity and really keeping your thoughts and intentions pure. I think so much of what’s happening in society today is causing people to develop major anxiety. The world is getting more and more insane. But, I do think that we can learn from the evil characters that intensity is ok. I think we need to preach to girls that being complicated is allowed. I think a lot of people glorify being simple and sweet and easy. And I think a lot of girls are terrified to be high maintenance. I think evil girls focus on themselves a little bit more. And show it’s ok to be powerful. I think that’s something we can all take away.”

Dove Cameron Galore Magazine

On Being Labeled a Disney Channel kid:

“I anticipated that I would be [labeled] when I was 14, and I was scared about labels and the sort of things that come along with the Disney Channel but I found it’s genuinely brought nothing but light and genuine love under my feet and into my life. They’ve been so supportive. Truly, it was the most educational experience I could have ever asked for. I think that Disney Channel presents an amazing platform, obviously, but also a huge safety net, and warmth. You don’t realize everything they give to you. It’s an unparalleled way to be introduced to television and music. They’ve done nothing but teach me and take care of me.”

Dove Cameron Galore Magazine

On Being a Role Model:

“I take that very seriously. I love my younger audience, I love doing things that are for my younger audience and as I’m growing, I do things for my older audience as well, but I keep those things separate. I have a great relationship with both fan bases. I love children and I’m very passionate about young minds and I think children need to be taken very seriously.”

Dove Cameron Galore Magazine

On Her Upcoming Music:

“I’ve been promising my fans an album for some time now. I’m making a lot of moves in that direction.”

“I have a lot of influences and I don’t want to give anything away about the things I’m currently working on. I’ve been promising it for so long that my fans deserve a bit of a reveal. It is definitely going to be what a lot of fans would expect for me, but then I think for a lot [of fans], not what they would expect from me.”

Check out Dove’s full interview here! You can also check out the photos from her photoshoot in the slideshow below!

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Dove Cameron Channels Marilyn Monroe for Galore Magazine

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