Zara Larsson dishes on Touring, being Confident & Justin Bieber Dating Rumours

Singer Zara Larsson recently chatted with H&M in an all-new interview, where she opened up about life on the road during her current US tour with Clean Bandit.

During the interview, Zara also opened up on her career and how she stays confident, while also clearing up those Justin Bieber dating rumours.

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On Her All-Girl Tour Crew:

“Honestly, it wasn’t a plan or request from my end to have only girls with me on this tour, it just happened. Most of the people I work with are women and I’m comfortable with that, but I have no problems working with guys either.”

On Being On Tour:

“I have the world’s best dancers with me and I love to hang out with them, so I never feel alone here. Sure, I miss my family and my close friends, but I’m doing what I love and it’s easy to be on tour, everything is routine.”

Zara Larsson for H&M

On Her Rising Popularity:

“It’s pretty surreal. It’s only been a few years since I was waiting outside concerts to see my idols, and now people like me in the same way as I like other bands and artists.”

On What She’ll Do if Singing Doesn’t Work Out:

“I want all of this so badly, and I love to dream big. But I’m not naïve and I know that things don’t always pan out the way I’ve thought in my head. Whatever happens, I’m never going to stop singing and I know that I will be doing this for the rest of my life. As long as I have good people around me, continue to like what I’m doing and work hard, it will work out.”

Zara Larsson for H&M

On Her Relationship Status:

“No I’m super single right now. Or, I’m not dating just one person, to put it that way.”

On Justin Bieber Dating Rumours:

“I wish! That’s completely unfounded, but I would be interested to talk to him if we met again. We’ve said hello in a restaurant once, but definitely nothing more than that. It’s strange with the mythology around famous people, because once you meet them you realise they’re just regular people. The only person I want to keep on my superstar pedestal is Beyoncé.”

Zara Larsson for H&M

On Being a Confident Person:

“Yeah, I am and I always have been. It’s always been natural for me to take a lot of space and I’m confident in my talent, that I’m great at what I do. I’ve always loved singing and I’m really happy about this. That all of this is happening.”

On When She’s Not Confident:

“When I’m being interviewed on TV because I’m not really used to that. But I’m especially nervous when I’m releasing new material – I’m never fully confident that people are going to like it or listen to it, it’s scary. But again, in the end it doesn’t really matter because I’m proud of what I do and I’m working with the thing I love the most in the world.”

You can read Zara’s full interview here!

Zara’s new collection with H&M will also be hitting stores and be available online on May 18!

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Zara Larsson dishes on Touring, being Confident & Justin Bieber Dating Rumours

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