Dylan O’Brien talks ‘American Assassin’: “It will always be a really personal movie to me”

In a new interview with the Hollywood Reporter, actor Dylan O’Brien opened up about his new movie American Assassin, and what made him want to take on the movie after his Maze Runner set accident.

On why he wanted to play Mitch Rapp:

“I was really taken with it from the start. The whole story immediately felt really strong and emotionally compelling, it always felt so palpable. I had a lot of time to think about this stuff and really build this guy from the ground up, and I really wanted him to have me inside him. [laughs] Sorry, thought that was funny. I just want him to be layered with as much realism as I could.”

On making the movie after his set accident:

“Yeah, looking back on it, this movie will always mean a lot to me because of that. This was the first thing I did after that happened to me. It was a really hard time that I was going through, and it was definitely difficult to wrap my brain around it and go out and do it, but at this point, I just couldn’t be more thankful that I did. I feel like it was really helpful for me in a lot of ways. It will always be a really personal movie to me. It was huge for me, really. It was like getting back on my feet.”

On if he’d be willing to make a sequel:

“Yes, I am contractually obligated and open. [Laughs] Yeah, I definitely signed on. When I signed on for this, I definitely knew there was potential for another and ultimately decided I really loved the character’s story enough to just totally dive in and commit. I guess we’ll see. Those things are really out of my hands and I’d be happy either way, because this movie will always mean a lot to me anyway.”

On his message to his fans:

“I guess I just want them to come with me. I’ve always had two jobs that I’ve always had to go back to for most of my working career, and now that those have both finished, it’s definitely going to be a new chapter. Going forward, I hope to always do something different, face new challenges and try to get better. I don’t know exactly what the future is gonna hold but I just know that I’m gonna keep going.”

You can read more of Dylan’s interview here!

You can also check out American Assassin now in theatres!

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Dylan O’Brien talks ‘American Assassin’: “It will always be a really personal movie to me”

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