Gina Rodriguez on Learning to Love Her Body: “I’m not willing to wring the joy from my life to kill myself in the gym”

Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez is featured on the new October 2017 issue of Shape magazine, where she dishes on her journey to loving her body and how she maintains a healthy life balance.

On her go-to workout:

“My go-to workout has always been a form of fight training. My father was a boxing referee. He taught my sisters and me how to box at a very young age, which was fantastic for our confidence, athleticism, and discipline. This past year, I learned how to do Muay Thai. I went to Thailand with my boyfriend, Joe, for a month, and we trained with champions. To do Muay Thai, you have to build up your strength and stamina. It’s mind over matter; you’re pushing yourself. What I like best about it is the sense of inner strength it gives me. Knowing I can protect myself is a powerful feeling.”

Gina Rodriguez for Shape October 2017

On learning to love her body:

“How much time I have to train depends on my work schedule. In Thailand, we were doing Muay Thai for at least two and a half hours a day, and I got really strong. But when I started working on Jane again, there was no time for training, even at night. So I exercised Saturday and Sunday. Or maybe just Saturday, and I gave myself Sunday to recoup. As a result, my body changed immediately. I couldn’t fit into certain clothes, and I was a little curvier. Before, I would have beaten myself up. But my boyfriend gave me some great advice. He said, ‘Don’t be angry with your body—it changed because your routine shifted.’ And that was like a gift. As an actress, there are so many pressures to look a certain way and fit into a sample size. But I’ve got to embrace the fact that when I’m shooting Jane, I can’t work out as much. My body is going to look different, and that’s okay. I’m not willing to wring the joy from my life to kill myself in the gym.”

On finding a healthy balance:

“I’m all about moderation. I can’t deprive myself. I love pizza so much. And I adore Mexican. I’m more savory than sweet. No, wait, I love sweet too! Who am I kidding? I’m an equal opportunity eater. I have very few do-not-eats on my list. I am so the person who says, ‘Taco Bell? Sure, I’ll go there!’ I’ll go anywhere.”

On her message to women:

“I’m living my dream. I want to say to women who are reading this story, try anything you want. You’re strong and durable.”

You can read more of Gina’s feature here or in the new October 2017 issue of Shape when it hits newsstands September 12th!

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Gina Rodriguez on Learning to Love Her Body: “I’m not willing to wring the joy from my life to kill myself in the gym”

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