Zara Larsson dishes on her tour and her next album

While pop star Zara Larsson may be still riding high on her album So Good, the singer has revealed that she’s already started working on her next album.

In a recent interview with Official Charts, Zara opened up not only about her new music, but also about life on the road, dishing all about how much she loves touring and making her shows as interesting as possible.

“I’m actually really excited about these UK shows,” she said. “In general, England has been so accepting of me. I feel like I’m a part of the UK scene now. I’m excited to do a proper tour.”

“That’s what I want to do for sure – constantly evolve the live show,” she said. “I’m always going back into rehearsals and seeing what I can switch up. Not just for the audience but also for me, because, you know, now’s not a good time to be doing the same thing over and over again.

“I want to keep making it a bit more fun and different. I’ve played some festivals this summer – the setlist won’t be too dissimilar to that. I want to tour more though – being on stage and performing is the best part of all of this.”

During her time on the road, Zara also revealed that she’s been trying to learning some new dance moves to make her shows more interesting:

“I have a personal trainer who said the more you tour, the less choreography you’ll want to do because you’ll get tired. Honestly to me, it’s the opposite!” She said. “It’s like, you get comfortable with a routine, so you try add more and more to it over time. I look at my dancers and I’m like, ‘okay show me how you do that?’. The show needs to be visual – look good – as well as sound good.”

As for working on a new album, Zara said:

“I’m very aware of the fact that Lush Life and Never Forget You gave me a huge push for the album. I want to release an album a year but in this new era, people aren’t really buying albums. To me, it’s not all about sales anyway, other than to make it look good on a poster. I read somewhere I’m the only female artist of the new pop girls who got a certified album, which is so weird! It’s thanks to Lush Life and Never Forget You. I’m really excited for the next project now.”

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However, Zara admitted she’s not too far into creating her new record:

“I’m gonna say not that far. I started two-and-a-half months ago with MNEK and we wrote two amazing songs. I’m not sure if they’ll make the album yet, but I love to work with him. He is such a blessing to work with. Ever since that session it’s been going super well and I’ve been feeling really inspired.

“Truth be told, I didn’t think writing was fun when I did my first album because I wasn’t good at it,” she said. “Now I feel more comfortable saying what I want to say. I can express myself a little better. I feel a way bigger part of the process now than I was before, which makes all the difference. I can now go in the studio with writers and say, ‘This is what I want to say and this is what I want it to sound like.’”

As for what sound she wants her new album to have, the singer said: “I don’t really know to be honest. Maybe I’m exploring or maybe I’m just singing what I like to sing. If someone asked me to describe my music style for us, I wouldn’t know what to say.”

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Zara Larsson dishes on her tour and her next album

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