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Watch: Newest Trailer for Josh Hutcherson's Hulu Series 'Future Man' – TEEN DAILY

Watch: Newest Trailer for Josh Hutcherson’s Hulu Series ‘Future Man’

Check out the newest trailer for Josh Hutcherson‘s upcoming Hulu series, Future Man!

The new comedy series was created by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg and follows Josh Futterman (Hutcherson), who is a janitor at an STD research laboratory who spends his nights playing his favourite video game, Cybergeddon. After achieving the highest score in the game, two of the game’s characters (played by Eliza Coupe and Derek Wilson) arrive in Josh’s life, telling him that they are actually from the future and that he is the Messiah who can prevent their apocalyptic future.

Future Man will premiere on Nov. 14 exclusively on Hulu.

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Watch: Newest Trailer for Josh Hutcherson’s Hulu Series ‘Future Man’

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