Zac Efron and Dylan Efron take an epic road trip for Columbia’s ‘Tested Tough’ Series

Zac Efron and his brother Dylan Efron hit the road this summer for Tested Tough series, as they tested out some of Columbia’s gear out in the wilderness as they embarked on an adventure to Glacier National Park.

Columbia just released their official ‘Tested Tough’ video, check it out:

Zac also recently spoke to Outside Online about his adventure, dishing on how he and Dylan have always loved the outdoors.

“It’s always been in our blood,” Zac said. “We’ve done it since we were young. That’s the only way we could have fun. We didn’t really have amusement parks or anything. We would go to the beach or head inland to a couple of spots where there are hikes to waterfalls or hot springs and that kind of stuff. It’s kind of a gem, where we grew up. We found the most epic cliff jumps the other day. It was beautiful.”

As for their dynamic when exploring the outdoors, Zac said: “I mean, it’s me keeping up with him. That’s what it is usually. But it’s fun because he pushes the limits and so do I in other ways. I’ll be the first one to test the water and see if it’s deep enough on a cliff jump. But he’s the one to start a fire or make sure we’re staying on course.”

Zac also opened up on why he loves the outdoors, saying: “You just go back to being real. The city is sucked out of you. You can get in these little bickering fights on the road and they’re over in two seconds and that’s just the way it is. You have to stick together. You’re stuck with one another when you’re out on a trip like that. So you work through your issues. We probably learned more about each other in four days on the road than we did in a whole month just chilling at home.”

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Check out more of Zac’s interview here!

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Zac Efron and Dylan Efron take an epic road trip for Columbia’s ‘Tested Tough’ Series

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