Ariana Grande Sued for Sharing Paparazzi Photos of Herself on Instagram

Like many stars before her, Ariana Grande is being sued for copyright infringement for using photographs of herself on her social media pages.

According to NBC, a New-York based photographer named Robert Barbera filed a lawsuit against Ariana and her company Grandari this week, claiming that the singer infringed on the rights to the photographs he took of her by posting them on her social media accounts without his permission.

The photos were posted by Ariana in August 2018, showing her in two side-by-side paparazzi images holding a clear bag with the word Sweetner on it. Ariana captioned the photo “happy sweetner day,” to celebrate the release of her album Sweetner, and the image reportedly raked in over 3 million likes from Ariana’s 154 Instagram followers, but has since been removed.

NBC reports that the photographer is seeking “either $25,000 for each photo or the profits Grande, a former Nickelodeon star, earned for posting it on Instagram, where she has 154 million followers.”

Other stars who have been sued by photographers for using their images include Gigi Hadid and Khloe Kardashian.

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Ariana Grande Sued for Sharing Paparazzi Photos of Herself on Instagram

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