Billie Eilish talks friendship with Ariana Grande, her music & more in new Billboard issue

17-year-old singer Billie Eilish is the latest star to grace the cover of Billboard Magazine, where she opens up about her rise to fame, her music, and meeting her idols, and more.

“I’m in the good old days right now,” Billie said about her success. “Who knows if this is my peak and then I die or some shit? Or my career dies and I go away and no one cares.”

“Or it gets crazier,” she adds.

Because of her rise to fame, Billie has caught the attention of several big stars, and has had the opportunity to meet many of the artists she’s looked up to.

“I’m at this place where I kind of know all of the people that I’m a fan of,” Billie said. “It’s very weird.” 

One of the stars she’s met includes Ariana Grande, with whom Billie now regularly texts.

“We had this weird feeling for one another,” Billie said. “Our careers are completely different and we’re in different places, but we understand [one another]. I think it’s just that way with artists right now, especially with women in the music industry. We’re all feeling it.” 

As for her music, Billie revealed that she almost changed her mind about releasing her album right before it came out.

“I’ve never felt that way, where it’s my child and I don’t want anybody’s hands on it,” she said.

“[It’s rare] to actually really fuck with what you make and create,” she said. “I didn’t want the world to be able to tell me how they feel about this thing I love.”

“But the response has been crazy,” Billie said.

As for what her music is about, Billie said:

“[My music] is about comfort, and it’s about ‘I know how you are feeling, and you are not alone.”

While she’s still riding high on the success of her debut album When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, Billie has revealed that she doesn’t like thinking too much about what the future will bring, saying that it “will make me throw up, honestly.”

“I’m here today, and tomorrow, I will be doing what I do tomorrow. The things that I have to do in my life are really big deals, and they all are on me. That’s a lot to think about.”

You can read Billie’s full feature over on Billboard.

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Billie Eilish talks friendship with Ariana Grande, her music & more in new Billboard issue

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