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Jaden Smith breaks down 'SYRE' and 'ERYS' with Flaunt – TEEN DAILY

Jaden Smith breaks down ‘SYRE’ and ‘ERYS’ with Flaunt

Actor, singer, and philanthropist Jaden Smith recently sat down with Flaunt Magazine, where he talked about his music, and what sets his debut album SYRE apart from his upcoming album ERYS, and how he uses making music as a way to express himself.

Jaden on his album SYRE:

SYRE was about the boy that chases the sunset until it chases him,” Jaden said on his 2017 album.

SYRE was about young love, but more specifically it was about young heartbreak and overcoming heartbreak at a young age. People downplay young love and say, ‘Your heart’s not broken, you haven’t felt heart break and you don’t know what real love is,’ and yada yada… SYRE was all about that… commentary on youth relationships and how hard they can be.”

“As you get older you realize, ‘I was tripping, I was young, I was immature, she was immature, or we both could have done better it wasn’t that big of a deal, we were freaking out, we were in high school,’ but SYRE is taking the stance of, ‘No, this is more serious.’ And for some people it’s a life or death thing. It can get very serious if someone who once loved you doesn’t love you anymore.”

On his next album, ERYS:

However, Jaden moves on to a different perspective on heartbreak for his next album ERYS, which is SYRE spelled backwards.

ERYS is not about heartbreak at all,” he said. “It might be about dealing with heartbreak, but it’s taking a different approach— I’m not gonna be crying in the hills and feel like I’m caught in this weird crazy world. Instead, I’m going to be the world’s biggest flexer.” 

On telling stories through his music:

Jaden also opened up about how he uses his music to express himself and why he created SYRE and ERYS as characters.

“I think my music is helping to facilitate me finding my way,” Jaden said. “Who I am. What type of artist I amThe ways I like to express myself and the ways I like to deal with my own personal issues through the music. I feel like people know about my life or what I wore yesterday or who I was with yesterday. It’s hard for me to always talk about, so I have to make up these characters that have different lives than me—because it’s not all about Jaden all the time.”

“Through ERYS I’m telling a story that might be fictional to me, but it might be a true story to someone else. Both SYRE and ERYS are things that I haven’t necessarily personally gone through, but it’s a metaphor and commentary on the world,” he said. 

SYRE is the side of me that wears the same clothes everyday and stays in this one undisclosed location and doesn’t leave. ERYS is the side that is in Paris Fashion Week or on tour. There’s no way to explain it, besides letting everyone know that it’s like two different people.”

On his future music plans:

As for what’s next, Jaden said:

“I’m going to release the album, and then I’m going to release another album after it called And Everything Bad For You.”

“I made over a hundred songs for ERYS, and there are only going to be 17 on the album.” 

You can read Jaden’s full feature for Flaunt Magazine here!

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Jaden Smith breaks down ‘SYRE’ and ‘ERYS’ with Flaunt

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