Maren Morris to release ‘Maren Morris: Reimagined’ Acoustic EP

Country singer Maren Morris is releasing a brand new EP titled Maren Morris: Reimagined

The EP will feature reworked acoustic renditions of three of Maren’s biggest hits, and will be available exclusively on Apple Music.

Apple Music will also be releasing a short film alongside the EP, which will give fans a behind the scenes look at the creation of the new EP, along with the meaning behind Maren’s songs GIRL, The Bones, and The Middle.

“I think the mark of a good song is you can rearrange it up and it still is a very defining song,” Maren said about creating a new vocal-centric album with her songs. “Dave [Cobb] you know, his production is so–rootsy and very soulful and Americana and he just understands that sound so intensely. I love the way it turned out.”

As for songwriting, Maren said:

“You can’t walk in with any ego. It’s just about going in and getting the best song. That’s why so many of my closest friends I met though these co-writes. it’s because you learn so much so quickly in a co-write with somebody because you’re like, hi, nice to meet you. Let me bear my soul to you for the next several hours.” 

The Maren Morris: Reimagined EP will be available on Apple Music starting May 31, 2019.

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Maren Morris to release ‘Maren Morris: Reimagined’ Acoustic EP

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