Taylor Swift on ‘ME!’ Video: “There are dozens of lyrical and symbolic references.”

After telling fans that the name of her next album was hidden somewhere in her ME! music video, Taylor Swift has revealed just how many clues she’s dropped in her latest music video.

In a recent interview with CapitalFM, Taylor talked about planting ‘Easter egg’ clues for fans to find.

“When more new music comes out, [fans will] realize that there are dozens of lyrical references and symbolic references,” Taylor said.

Taylor also revealed that there are three tiers of hints in her video for fans to decipher over time.

“First-round is stuff that they can see that will predict what will happen in a couple months,” Taylor explained. “There’s also second-tier Easter eggs, which will be revealed upon the album. Then there’s third-tier Easter eggs, which are the most deeply embedded Easter eggs, which will be shown on the tour.”

The ME! singer revealed that the reason she loves hiding hints in her videos all comes down to her fans’ dedication to deciphering her clues.

“To me, that’s more fun than when I used to make videos and I did’t try to plant clues. I love this,” Taylor said. “But it’s all bred from the fact that they’ve let me know over the years that they really are looking for every single detail. So if they weren’t interested in the details, then I wouldn’t have fun putting them in the video.”

As for why she decided to bring Brendon Urie in to collaborate with her on her new track, Taylor revealed that she’d always been a big fan of Brendon’s and thought he’d be perfect for the song.

“We kind of thought this should be a duet, because we want it to look like there’s confidence on both sides of a relationship and that’s what makes a relationship fun,” Taylor explained. “So we wanted to have a guy’s perspective or a love interest’s perspective.”

“I was thinking about people, and I was like who’s going to be excited and enthusiastic about performing this, making this, who’s going to bring a playful mischief to it? Because the song isn’t taking itself seriously…And so Brendon’s got that kind of cheeky, mischievous, playful kind of vibe and he’s so enthusiastic, gives 100 percent of his enthusiasm to everything he does and really just lifts the energy up.”

Watch Taylor’s full interview below:

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Taylor Swift on ‘ME!’ Video: “There are dozens of lyrical and symbolic references.”

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