Vanessa Hudgens Dishes on her Diet & Fitness Regimen

Actress Vanessa Hudgens recently dropped by the People studios, where she sat down to talk about what her diet and fitness regimen is like these days, along with why she chose to go makeup-free in People’s Most Beautiful issue.

When asked about how she’s staying in shape, the former High School Musical star admitted that she hasn’t had much time to workout lately because of her shooting schedule, and instead has been doing intermittent fasting.

“Right now I’m intermittent fasting so I kind of just eat what I want in my six-hour window and then don’t eat for the rest of the time,” Vanessa said. “But when I do have time to work out, it’s always just Pilates, SoulCycle and yoga.”

As for when her six-hour eating window happens, Vanessa said:

“It depends on the day. I’ve been doing night shoots, so sometimes I’ll start eating at like 6 PM but I’ll have woken up at 2 PM.”

Vanessa also revealed that she likes to fast in conjunction with a ketogenic diet, which is a low-carb and high-fat diet.

“It’s high fat so you don’t have to rid yourself of like avocados, and it’s really sustainable and it gives you a lot of energy which is something we’re all searching for, right?” Vanessa said on why she loves the keto diet.

During her visit, Vanessa also discussed her recent photo shoot for People’s Most Beautiful issue, in which she posed without makeup ten years after her last make-up free shot for the special annual edition.

“I love doing it,” Vanessa said on the shoot.

“I feel like nowadays everyone’s exposed to a heightened version of people they’re following, whether that be on Instagram or in films or TV,” she said. “No one wakes up looking the way that you see them so I think it’s really important for people to be able to see who you truly are without the facade.”

“And it’s just a nice way to connect and just feel exposed and in a very honest and real way,” she added.

Vanessa additionally revealed that posing make-up free at 30 feels very different compared to when she first did it at 20, saying:

“In your twenties you learn so much about yourself and you go through like a whole whirlwind of emotions. It’s a roller coaster being in your twenties.”

“But now at 30, I feel like I have a better grasp on who I am. And I know that I’m constantly learning, but I have no problems with speaking my mind which has been the biggest enlightenment thus far.”

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Vanessa Hudgens Dishes on her Diet & Fitness Regimen

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