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Watch: Ally Brooke's 'Lips Don't Lie' Music Video – TEEN DAILY

Watch: Ally Brooke’s ‘Lips Don’t Lie’ Music Video

Singer Ally Brooke dropped a new music video this week for her latest single, Lips Don’t Lie featuring A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie.

In the music video, Ally lets her lips do the work, as most of the video is made up of shots of just Ally’s lips as she sings her latest song.

After dropping the song, Ally celebrated her new song with a post on Twitter captioned: “Welcome to the Lips Don’t Lie era .”

This is Ally’s second song that she’s released since Fifth Harmony parted ways in 2018. Ally released her first solo single, Low Key featuring Tyga, in January 2019.

Check out Ally’s new music video below!

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Watch: Ally Brooke’s ‘Lips Don’t Lie’ Music Video

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