BTS Praise Camila Cabello’s Grammy Performance, Talk Grammy Goals & More during BTS Festa 2019

Friday (June 7) brought the sixth day of BTS Festa 2019, and with it came a new edition of BTS News, where BTS dished on their Grammy experience, their new album, and more.

During the first part of their interview, several BTS members named Camila Cabello‘s Havana performance as their favorite from this year’s event, while also talking revealing how they prepared for the big event, what the Grammys means to them.

Check out the full translation of the first part of BTS News Vol 2 below, thanks to Do You Bangtan!

BTS Festa is an annual celebration commemorating the k-pop group’s debut anniversary. So far this year, BTS have shared new portraits, a new photo collection and ‘Anpanman’ video, a solo song by Jin called ‘Tonight‘, and a new ‘Mic Drop’ dance practice video.

Translation by Do You Bangtan

Q: You went to the Grammys – how was it?

V“Well… first, because it’s an award ceremony we had always dreamt of, I went with really high expectations, but the stage was even wider and bigger than I’d expected, and so I thought that if we ever perform here, I’d like to perform as someone who’s really good at performing.”

RM: “Yes! Ah… the Grammys! The first thing that comes to mind if I think about it is… Well, it was fascinating that I was sitting there after having just been giving water to my plants at home. That comes to mind first. And it was fascinating that I was able to think ‘What am I doing right now?’ while watching the Grammys from first row seats. And we thought a lot about how we’ve still got a long way to go. And I thought a lot about the manner in which we’d stand on this stage if we ever do get to do so, and I remember that I practised the short presentation thousands of times before going up. It was a really fun experience.”

Suga“It was really fun. Fun. And because it was a really refreshing experience… Until now, I’d only ever pictured the Grammys in my dreams, and so to be able to go was. And we presented as well. Next time, I want to go as a winner.

Jungkook“Well, I had heard it was the most difficult of award ceremonies to attend, and so I thought about how thankful I was to the fans that we were able to attend at all, and that I was so happy seeing the performances of the artists at the award ceremony, and I received a lot of motivation.”

Jimin“I think I became much more ambitious. I think I thought a lot about how since we’ve come to this point, that this wouldn’t be the end. I think there was a moment in which I felt like we could do a lot in the  future, too, and  was curious to see where we could rise to. Hm, how should I explain it. Something that can’t really be explained… really like… as if we’ve been  heated up? A sort of ambition that’s hard to put into words… Like…  I think that sort of feeling arose in me.”

J-Hope“Because the Grammys had that felt so surreal, I think when I arrived, I didn’t feel anything in particular. I think I  had a question mark about whether this was the Grammys I’d imagined. But when we went in and saw that stage, I think the question marked changed to an exclamation mark. ‘Wow, I really did in fact come to the Grammys’. And that was felt to the greatest extent when we were presenting. ‘Ah, this place is indeed the Grammys. I have come to the Grammys’.”

Jin: “The Grammys… It was a marvelous venue. As if we visited a place within a fairytale? It was really marvelous. It would be good if there was a day in which we, too, became the protagonists of that stage.”

Q: What did you prepare for the Grammy awards?

Jungkook: “What would there be to prepare for an award ceremony. There wasn’t anything I prepared in particular, and the act of attending in and of itself was such an honour for me, and since it was something done by the fans, [I just thought] ’let’s at least not ruin this’.”

V: “Uh… I dieted. To lose weight. And… Though I had no script, in order to be even of a little help on the red carpet for Namjoon hyung, I practised a little bit of English, I think.” 

RM: “I prepared the Grammy presentation itself. (laughs) Because I did the presenting. And though I prepared a lot so I wouldn’t get nervous, it wasn’t easy. It was a relief that it wasn’t easily evident. And I practised “and the GRAMMY goes to” with the members but. There is a widely accepted theory in academic circles that we were unable to do so together.”

Jimin: “I think it was my attitude [note: or, more literally, nature of my heart]. Honestly, though we were going to present rather than perform, I was eager to imagine what sorts of things we’d see, what sorts of things we’d feel… and so it felt like I sorted through the manner of my attitude.” 

Suga:  “Um… what should I call it, I think I watched the stages of previous year(s?) with great zeal. The peak of my Grammy watching days were in senior high school, and I hadn’t watched it for awhile after that, so hearing that we were going, I watched them.” 

J-Hope: “There wasn’t ultimately anything I prepared. Um. I prepared my attitude! I thought deeply about the weight of the trophy that would be given to the winner by the presenter, and the honour of it, and so decided my attitude was important. And because it’s an award given to a famous musician, I think I thought a lot about how to keep my anxiety at bay.

Jin: “I prepared RM for the Grammys. He’s a very impressive friend. Thanks to RM, we completed it well.” 

Q: What sorts of things did you think while watching other artists’ stages?

RM: “Uh… well, hm. I think I thought a lot about how I need to learn more. Seriously, that we still have a long way to go, and if a chance does present itself in the future, when we stand here [on the stage], in what sort of manner do we need to do so? I think I projected a lot in order to try image training that sort of thing.

Q: Is there a stage you watched that was deeply moving?

RM: “ For me, H.E.R. was indeed very memorable, and after that, Lady Gaga.” 

Jungkook: “For me, there was a stage for which tears fell… Rather than saying so-and-so’s stage was memorable, because the stages we saw were so pronouncedly different from the stages we do, and the previous performances we’d seen live, and had a lot of differing points to it, I think I thought a lot about that ‘I, too, we, too, kinda want to do a performance like this, sorta’.”

Q: Differing points?

Jungkook: “The feeling of the stage? It wasn’t that the stage installations were different, but the feeling was something I felt like I hadn’t witnessed before. The way in which my body felt it was different.”

Suga: “I thought a lot about how I really wanted to perform. The stage was much larger than it was for Billboard, the overall performance itself. Seeing things like that, [I thought], ‘It’d be good if we could perform there too’.”

Q: Is there a stage you watched that was deeply moving?

Suga: “A stage that I watched that was deeply moving… I really liked the stage in which Lady Gaga appeared. And I think Post Malone’s stage was really good as well.”

V: “First off, I felt that all the artists that performed were all really of a high quality and very cool. I think I thought a lot about how I would like to have a really impressive stage if we’re able to do a performance here, and that I’ll therefore need to work harder.” 

Q: Is there a stage you watched that was deeply moving? 

V: “For me, first off… Camila Cabello’s ‘Havana’ remake. I’d liked this song originally. And seeing the remake version of it, I really… seriously… totally… I felt that this is a song that can be presented really coolly on stage as well.”

Jin: “All the stages at the Grammys were really good, and the atmosphere was really passionate as well. I could see why many people liked those [artists].”

Jin: “Uh… it’s really hard to choose because they were all so good… Um… I liked Camila Cabello’s stage. I think it remains in my memory because the dancers also had great expressions. I liked the level of completion of the stage.

Jimin: “For me, I think H.E.R. and Camila Cabello’s stages were the coolest and was the most meaningful. Though it’s really hard to pick one. I also thought a lot about regarding things like ‘What sorts of things would they be thinking as they perform’…”

J-Hope: “Ah… I thought that if there’s a chance to come to the Grammys next year or the year after that, I would like to perform. That would be the same for all the members, I’m sure. Because they all have a great ambition for the stage, I think they’d think a lot about wanting to stand on stage. 

J-Hope: “Um… Dolly Parton? Doll~ly Par~ton. It was really amazing, to the point it’s incredible she could do such a stage at such an experienced age.” 

Q: What meaning does the Grammys hold for BTS?

Jin: “I think the Grammys is a dream-like place for me; I feel like I briefly entered a dream called the Grammys. The Grammys had that sort of feeling for me.” 

J-Hope: “I had always thought of it as a wall that could not be climbed. But that wall… Though as of yet, rather than saying we’ve climbed over it, it’s uh… it’s that we’ve put our foot forward. In order to climb. I don’t think we have been able to climbed over it yet. 

Suga: “A new turning points of sorts. I think it was a moment in which I realised that there’s a wider world out there.”

V: “Uh… The dream of all artists, we really… I believe that this was something we were able to attend through the incredible chance given by ARMYs; I too, had held a desire to go to the Grammys at some point in the future, even as an audience member, but. I did not expect we could come as presenters. It really was an honour. 

RM: “The feeling that another wall has been broken for us? It’s not that we were awarded… or that we performed, but the fact that an Asian could do something there in itself felt like we received a verification of everything we have done until now.” 

Jimin: “I think it’s just like this: I think it really important that our hearts can become fervent one more time, that we can be feeling something like this, you know? Whether it’s the first time we received a Daesang, or when we first attended the Billboards… I think it’s an important timing where even in the midst of feeling so grateful for it, I’m also thinking ‘We have to climb one step higher’. I feel like the Grammys are an opportunity for us to advance further. And I think that’s why I was able to say with great sincerity that I was thankful to the ARMYs who got us there.”

Jungkook: “I think it was good. (laughs) Um, I… I’m similar to Jimin hyung in that [I’m thinking] ‘How happy would we be if we too did a stage at that kind of award ceremony? Would I also, to the people here, be able to give the kind of reverbrations [of the heart] that I felt from those artists? I want to do a stage. I want to come again, show them our performances; I want to show those people something new too.” 

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