Dakota Fanning Talks Fitness & Health: “I like the high of feeling strong.”

Actress Dakota Fanning is the latest star to grace the cover of Shape Magazine, where she talks about landing a role in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, along with how she stays active and healthy.

Check out some highlights of what Dakota had to say:

On Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

“One of the happiest times of my life was when I was told I got the part,” Dakota said about landing a part in the film. “It was truly a dream-come-true, jumping-up-and-down moment.”

On Staying Active

“I come from a family of athletes [her mom played professional tennis, and her dad played minor league baseball], so being active was instilled in me from a young age. I like the high of feeling strong.”

On her Workout Routine

“It’s so important to have a really good sweat. It clears my head and makes my skin look good, and I feel better overall.

I try to work out six days a week. I love to do Cardio Barre, a ballet-inspired cardio class. I’ve been taking it since I was in high school, and I’m obsessed. I also started doing AKT [a dance-based cardio and strength workout]. The first time I did it, I thought I was going to die! It was so tough in the best possible way. But as hard as I exercise, I’ve also learned the importance of rest so that my body can rejuvenate. It’s all about what works for me at this moment and makes me feel good.”

On Learning to Eat Healthy

“I’ve become a much healthier eater. I typically have yogurt or eggs after my morning workout, a salad for lunch, and a grilled protein with quinoa and vegetables for dinner. But I’m definitely not the kind of person who says, ‘I don’t eat sugar or carbs’ or ‘I don’t drink caffeine and wine.’ That’s never going to happen. I have a huge sweet tooth.

When I visit my parents at home in L.A., my mom and I look at each other after dinner, and it’s like, ‘We’ve got to go out and get dessert,’ and it’s usually Baskin-Robbins ice cream. “Eating is all about moderation. If I’m going to a restaurant that’s famous for its pasta, I’m going to eat the pasta. I don’t limit myself. That’s not sustainable. You have to indulge. Food is supposed to be fun and pleasurable.”

On De-Stressing 

“I have a really good ritual to help me unwind. I take a bath every night, no matter what. I put on a podcast, get in the tub, and close my eyes. This routine is such a constant in my life; I can’t live without it. If I’m in a hotel and there isn’t a tub, I have to move. It’s like, No, I won’t. I can’t. I’ve got to have a bath.” 

You can check out Dakota’s full feature here!

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood opens in theaters on July 26.

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Dakota Fanning Talks Fitness & Health: “I like the high of feeling strong.”

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