Karlie Kloss Opens Up About Past Body Insecurities

Karlie Kloss has had her fair share of insecurities when it comes to her appearance.

In a recent interview on Refinery29‘s Unstyled podcast, Karlie revealed that she didn’t always love the way she looked — but instead learned to flip her insecurities on its head and make the most out of what she’s got.

“I was really insecure about my body,” Karlie said.

“I grew up in the Midwest, and at the time the ideal beauty was Jessica Simpson. Very curvy, and I was flat as a board, and no boy gave me the time of day.”

But now, Karlie says: “I really own it, and love it, because that makes me different, and I love that it makes me different. It didn’t always feel that way.”

“Instead of letting it control you, instead of letting it eat you alive … [flip] it on its head. Being so tall and lanky and skinny as a teenage girl certainly didn’t get me any dates to high school dances, but it did open up this world of a career for me.”

During her interview, Karlie also spoke about the struggles she faced in the modeling industry.

“As a model, you’re seen and you’re not heard,” she said. “That was really kind of unfair, and something I really resented about my job. I really hate the fact that people judge me and see me as only for what they see on the outside.”

However, Karlie has used the success she’s garnered as a model to launch other passion projects, like Kode with Klossy.

“I can use my [position] to do the things that I genuinely love, that are genuinely reflective of who I am..I really love the fashion industry, but it’s not all of who I am,” she said.

Listen to Karlie’s full interview below!

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Karlie Kloss Opens Up About Past Body Insecurities

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