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Listen: BTS' Jin Drops Solo Song 'Tonight' for Day 3 of BTS Festa 2019 – TEEN DAILY

Listen: BTS’ Jin Drops Solo Song ‘Tonight’ for Day 3 of BTS Festa 2019

BTS member Jin released a brand-new solo song titled Tonight this week in honor of BTS Festa 2019.

In a message written to fans about the song, Jin wrote to fans about his song, revealing that it was inspired by his pets:

“Hello, this is Jin. I wrote this while thinking of my pets. It’s my first original song, but I hope you enjoy it. Next time, I’ll work hard on my music again and let you listen. Thank you ARMY.”

Jin has had several pets over the years, including three sugar gliders named Odeng, Eomuk, and Gukmul, and a family dog named Jjangu. Right now, Jin’s only surviving pet is his sugar glider Gukmul, with Odeng, Eomuk, and Jjangu having passed away over the past few years.

In the song, Jin sings about worrying that when the night passes, he won’t be able to see the subject of the song ever again:

After the song’s release, may fans shared photos of Jin with his beloved pets:

Tonight received over 5.5 million streams within its first day of release and was released as part of day three of BTS Festa 2019.

BTS Festa is an annual celebration of BTS’ debut anniversary. Each year, the group celebrates with Army by releasing special content like pictures, video content, songs, and more throughout the first few weeks of June.

On day one of this year’s celebration, the group released a new set of portraits, followed by a new photo collection and Anpanman video on day two.

Check out Jin’s song Tonight below!

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Listen: BTS’ Jin Drops Solo Song ‘Tonight’ for Day 3 of BTS Festa 2019

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