Listen: New Meghan Trainor Song ‘Hurt Me’ from ‘Songland’

After making a special appearance on this week’s episode of NBC’s Songland, Meghan Trainor has released the song she recorded during the show, Hurt Me.

Songland is a new songwriting competition show, which gives undiscovered songwriters a chance to create hit songs by teaming them up with with producers and well-known recording artists to release a song.

During her appearance, Meghan teamed up with songwriter Kole to create the song Hurt Me, which was the night’s winning song.

CONGRATS @kolesongs I love you! U talented, sweet thang!❤️🥰” Meghan wrote on Instagram after the show. “THANK YOU @nbcsongland @esterdean@ryantedder and @shanemcanally for helping me find this masterpiece of a BOP. Also big shout out to @mikesabath for taking the beat to another planet #HurtMe

Kole also took to Instagram to write about her big win, saying:

“I’m blown away by all the support I received yesterday. Thank you, thank you, thank you @meghan_trainor and @nbcsongland for truly changing my life. Thank you to everyone involved in this song from start to finish – MY EX lol, @jacknewsome @ryantedder@mikesabath @zachskelton@tristanhurd GO STREAM “HURT ME” NOW ON ALL UR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD STREAMING PLATFORMS!!!! 😭😭😭”

Songland airs Tuesdays 10/9c on NBC! Listen to Kole and Meghan’s song Hurt Me below!

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Listen: New Meghan Trainor Song ‘Hurt Me’  from ‘Songland’

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