Maia Mitchell talks ‘Good Trouble’ & advice for success: “Make your voice known.”

Actress Maia Mitchell recently sat down with InStyle for a new interview, where she spoke about her latest role on Freeform’s Good Trouble, her personal style, and more.

“I definitely, since my Disney days, have made an effort to delve a little deeper,” Maia said on her career path.

Good Trouble was another really good opportunity to do that. It was a character that I know really well, but put in a different light. It’s a little more sophisticated, which was exciting. Some of the themes are…I don’t know if they’re dark, but they’re definitely more serious.”

Maia also admitted that putting on one of Callie’s new power suits for the first time felt strange to her.

“I felt so weird about it because I look so young,” she said. “But I love those power suits. I love being able to just kind of stroll into a judge’s office [as Callie], wearing a power suit and six-inch stilettos, and give them piece of my mind.”

During her interview, Maia also shared her advice for success, saying:

“Just being good at what you do. Work your way into the rooms and make your voice known.”

As for her personal style, Maia said:

“I have too many pairs of jeans. That’s pretty much my uniform — jeans and a tank. The older I get, the more girly I get, and the more I appreciate pinks, and ruffles, and that kind of thing.”

You can catch Maia in season 2 of Good Trouble Tuesday nights on Freeform!

Check out Maia’s full interview here.

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Maia Mitchell talks ‘Good Trouble’ & advice for success: “Make your voice known.”

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