Sabrina Carpenter opens up on talking about anxiety in her new song ‘Exhale’

After releasing her latest single,Exhale, last month, Sabrina Carpenter has opened up about the meaning behind the song and why she wanted to share a piece of her story with fans.

In a new interview with MTV News, Sabrina revealed that she used the song to try and describe her experience with anxiety.

“Anxiety is a very hard topic to put in a bubble,” she said. “I don’t think you know what it is because it is a thousand questions that you can’t answer. Sometimes it feels like you can’t breathe; you don’t know where to start, you don’t know where to begin to start feeling better and to start healing yourself.”

As for how she’s learned to cope with her anxiety, Sabrina said:

“It’s hard because sometimes you want to talk, other times you don’t want to talk to anybody. It’s about doing things that keep yourself close to yourself, because at certain points I feel very far away from myself.” 

“I never wanted anybody to feel like I was complaining… I have so many things to be grateful for,” she said.

“It’s taking that second to remind yourself that just because you have so much to be grateful for doesn’t mean that there aren’t things you’re internally struggling with.”

Sabrina revealed that she ultimately wanted to share more of her story with fans, who often open up to her about their own personal stories.

“They’re brave enough to come up to me at meet-and-greets and tell me exactly what they’re feeling without hesitation,” she said. “I wanted to do the same thing for them. It was a hard song to perform, but getting to give it to them, and them having it as their own…makes me feel a lot better.”

Exhale is Sabrina’s second single off her upcoming album Singular: Act II.

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  • Edward L. Erikson
    July 6, 2019

    Sabrina, You are an inspiration to people with a mental illness! ED

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Sabrina Carpenter opens up on talking about anxiety in her new song ‘Exhale’

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