Shailene Woodley talks Jane’s bangs and story arc in ‘Big Little Lies’ Season 2 on GMA

To celebrate the premiere of Big Little Lies season 2, Shailene Woodley made an appearance on Good Morning America today (June 11) to talk about what’s to come this season, her character Jane’s story arc, and more.

After Sunday night’s premiere, social media was abuzz about the show, especially Shailene’s character’s new haircut. Shailene spoke about why Jane has bangs during her interview, saying:

“The idea of that was after season one, Jane had so much trauma that she was living with, and at the end of it, something occurs that made me feel like she would’ve made a drastic physical change so that she could identify with herself as herself separate from the story of what happened to her.”

“You know when you have a massive breakup, sometimes you want to cut you hair, you do something different? It was like that but on a more dramatic scale,” she said.

As for where Jane is heading this season, Shailene said:

“Jane’s whole arc in this season is about healing and I think that that’s so important and beautiful.”

Shailene also spoke briefly about what it was like working with Meryl Streep on the latest season.

“It wasn’t intimidating,” Shailene said on working with the A-lister. “I really like challenges, I get off on them, so it felt more like an opportunity to grow and learn. She’s just such a wonderful human being and such a lovely person.”

You can check out Shailene in the new season of Big Little Lies every Sunday on HBO.

Also, just one night before, Shailene made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel to talk about the show — you can check out her appearance here.

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Shailene Woodley talks Jane’s bangs and story arc in ‘Big Little Lies’ Season 2 on GMA

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