Sophie Turner & Jessica Chastain Dish on How They Pranked James McAvoy on the ‘Dark Phoenix’ Set

While promoting their new X-Men film Dark Phoenix, co-stars Sophie Turner and Jessica Chastain revealed how they played a prank James McAvoy on to bring him out of a grumpy mood.

“James was in a bit of a grump as he always is,” Sophie joked in a new interview with Collider. “No, he’s not. He was in a bit of a grump one day and so Jess and I decided that he needed cheering up.”

“So he was on wires for this scene and we decided that we wanted to have the Macerena play on the sound system and the stunt guys would kind of puppeteer him doing the Macarena as a surprise. It was a good prank,” Sophie said.

“And I’ll say this,” Jessica added. “He was never grumpy again. He learned his lesson.”

Sophie also revealed that Nicholas Hoult is one of the cast members who is always fun to work with — only when he’s not in his Beast costume.

“You know what, Nick Hoult is always really fun to work with,” she said.

“He’s not that much fun when he’s in the costume. Because you know he can’t do anything. He can’t eat, he can’t do anything so he’s a bit grumpy.”

“But out of costume and in his Hank gear, he’s really fun. He plays a lot of games on set. He’s quite the trouble maker,” she said.

During their interview, Sophie also revealed that she took a corset home from the Game of Thrones set, and that John Cena was her first TV crush.

You can catch Sophie in Dark Phoenix in theaters now!

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Sophie Turner & Jessica Chastain Dish on How They Pranked James McAvoy on the ‘Dark Phoenix’ Set

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