TXT on BTS: “They inspired us a lot”

After taking on America to support their first EP The Dream Chapter: Star, TXT have opened up about the support they received abroad for their new music.

“I was surprised that so many fans support us in LA. And it’s so amazing and such a great feeling,” Taehyun said in a new interview with ET

“We were so happy to meet our fans here,” Soobin said, with Beomgyu adding: “It was amazing!”

As a younger group under the same Big Hit Entertainment management as superstars BTS, TXT have revealed that they look up to the group, and hope to follow in their footsteps.

“We hope that our music can be part of this big movement. It’s a great honor,” Yeonjun said. “We are very thankful that we have a good senior… we met them at Chicago.” 

After watching their concert, Huening Kai revealed that: “They inspired us a lot.”  

The group also had a message for fans during their interview, saying:

“I just want to say thank you to our fans and thank you for supporting us,” Huening Kai said, with Soobin adding a promise they’ll always “continue being our best.” 

Check out TXT’s latest music video for Nap of a Star below!

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TXT on BTS: “They inspired us a lot”

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