Watch: Bella Thorne shares her beauty routine in new Vogue video

Bella Thorne is sharing all her beauty secrets in a new video for Vogue.

In a new ‘Beauty Secrets’ video, Bella takes viewers through her makeup routine, and kicks things off by revealing that she doesn’t wash her face in the morning.

“I don’t wash my face in the morning because there’s a thing called over washing your face and when I had really bad acne that was one of the things I stopped and it actually helped my skin,” Bella explained.

“Not that I’m saying you guys have to not wash your face in the morning,” she added. “It’s just something that worked for me.”

During the video, Bella also discusses her skin troubles, how she likes her makeup to look, and more as she creates a glittery eyed look with some bold lips.

Check out Bella’s beauty secrets video below!

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Watch: Bella Thorne shares her beauty routine in new Vogue video

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