Watch: BTS’ Jungkook Drops Piano Version of ‘Euphoria’ with ‘JK Memories’ video for BTS Festa 2019

BTS Jungkook has given ARMY the ultimate treat for this year’s BTS Festa — a new piano version of his solo song Euphoria!

Euphoria was first released as a part of BTS’ 2018 album Love Yourself 結 ‘Answer’‘, and now Jungkook has released a new piano version of the song (the DJ Swivel Forever Mix) for fans to enjoy, along with a special music video featuring some behind-the-scenes Jungkook moments.

BTS Festa is an annual event that celebrates BTS’ debut anniversary, throughout which BTS gifts ARMY with new content like photos, videos, and music.

This isn’t the first new song to drop during this year’s Festa — last week, Jin also shared a new solo song he wrote, titled Tonight.

BTS Festa 2019 will wrap up in a couple days on June 13. In the meantime, you can also check out some of the other content BTS has released for BTS Festa 2019:

This year, they’ve released a new Anpanman video and photo collection, a new song bya new Mic Drop dance practice video, a new volume of BTS News, a new Spring Day dance practice and family portraits, and a teaser video for Bangtan Attic (coming June 13).

Check out the piano version of Euphoria and tell us what you think in the comments below!

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Watch: BTS’ Jungkook Drops Piano Version of ‘Euphoria’ with ‘JK Memories’ video for BTS Festa 2019

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