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BTS appear in 'ONE DREAM.TXT.' to give TXT words of encouragement

Watch: BTS make appearance in ‘ONE DREAM.TXT.’ to give TXT some words of encouragement

K-pop group TXT launched their reality series ONE DREAM.TXT on Thursday (June 27), with some special guest stars in the show’s debut episode: BTS.

In the debut episode of the series, TXT (Yeonjun, SoobinBeomgyuTaehyun, and Huening Kai) are seen preparing for their very first showcase tour in the United States, and to help them prepare, the group met up with their label-mates BTS to get some words of advice on what to expect in America.

When asked what they can expect in America, Jin joked, “People don’t understand Korean,” while Jungkook added that “They have a more free atmosphere.”

Meanwhile, RM reflected on their own US showcase, saying: “Looking back on our US showcase, we performed in front of 20,000 people. We had a great reaction from the audience. I don’t necessarily think it’s because we were good, but we were really aggressive (performance wise).”

“I think that’s what the American fans are expecting, and looking forward from you guys. And if you show them exactly that, you’ll get a great reaction,” he said.

“I think you guys are going to do great,” V told them.

Check out what the rest of BTS’ had to say in ONE DREAM.TXT below! Be sure to turn on the captions for English subtitles.

During the first episode, TXT also show themselves reflecting on their debut, practicing in the studio, preparing to hit the road, and more.

ONE DREAM.TXT is a reality show produced with Mnet that gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at TXT’s showcase tour in the United States in May 2019.

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Watch: BTS make appearance in ‘ONE DREAM.TXT.’ to give TXT some words of encouragement

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