Watch: BTS talk about their road to fame, favorite song to perform & more in new BBC Radio 1 Feature

While in London, England this month to perform at Wembley Stadium for their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour, k-pop group BTS sat down with BBC Radio 1 for their feature BTS: Korea to Wembley.

In the new video, BBC explores how the group came to headline one of the world’s most iconic stadiums through an interview with the group, clips from their career, and interviews with fans.

When asked what’s changed since their debut in 2013, RM said:

“Back in the days when we think of 2013, at that time we didn’t know anything. When we think of 2013… we’re so busy and we’re just dancing, dancing, singing, singing, so it’s going very fast. And we got a little bit older, a little bit happier, but we’re still us.”

And while they may be taking over the world with sold-out shows and visits to the Billboard Music Awards, the Grammys, and more, the group revealed that they still try and stay true to themselves.

“For the inside, we’ve just been always trying to stay ourselves,” RM said. “We thought that we would, on this big roller coaster, not be excited too much. You know, just hold the handle and try to enjoy the ride.”

While they may be finished with their latest set of shows in North America and Europe, BTS revealed that they’ve been working to prepare for their upcoming fan meetings, or Musters, in South Korea even while on the road.

“We have our event with the fans in Korea so we’ve actually been practicing and rent[ed] a studio in London. We’re still practicing for the next event,” RM said.

During their segment, the group, including RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, also talked about what their favorite songs to perform are right now, what dance they like the most, and what UK artists they’d like to collaborate with.

Check out their feature below!

This Thursday, June 13, will be BTS’ debut anniversary. The group has been celebrating their latest milestone all month long by releasing exclusive content for ARMY. You can check out everything they’ve been releasing for BTS Festa 2019 here!

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Watch: BTS talk about their road to fame, favorite song to perform & more in new BBC Radio 1 Feature

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