Watch: Daisy Ridley in New Scene from ‘Ophelia’

With just a few weeks until Ophelia opens in theaters, you can now get a sneak peek at Daisy Ridley in the titular role as Ophelia!

In a new clip of the film shared by People, Daisy’s character Ophelia can be seen joining Queen Gertrude (played by Naomi Watts) to discuss court life.

The movie also stars Harry Potter‘s Tom Felton, along with Daisy Head, Sebastian De Souza, and Dominic Mafham, and is a re-telling of Shakespeare‘s classic play Hamlet from the perspective of Ophelia.

You can catch Daisy in Ophelia when it hits theaters on June 28.

Daisy will also appear in the next Star Wars film, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywallker, which is set to be released on December 20.

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Watch: Daisy Ridley in New Scene from ‘Ophelia’

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