Watch: Sophie Turner plays ‘Tequila Slaps’ on Conan

Actress Sophie Turner stopped by Conan this Wednesday (June 5) to promote her new movie Dark Phoenix.

During her appearance on the show, Sophie taught Conan how to play a drinking game called ‘Tequila Slaps,’ which she used to play with her X-Men cast mates.

“Not on set, but we would play this brilliant game called ‘Tequila Slaps,” Sophie said, before inviting Conan to play, saying, “I really wanna play this game.”

“So basically two people stand opposite one another,” she said, explaining the rules. “One person takes a shot and before they have time to swallow it, the other person slaps them around the face.”

Sophie then demonstrated how to play the game by getting Conan to take a shot, with her being the person to slap him.

During her appearance, Sophie also talked about playing Jean Grey, dished on her friendship with Maisie Williams, and discussed Game of Thrones‘ infamous coffee cup incident. Check out clips from her appearance below!

Be sure to check out Sophie in the new X-Men movie Dark Phoenix, which opens tomorrow (June 7) in theaters!

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Watch: Sophie Turner plays ‘Tequila Slaps’ on Conan

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