Watch: The Jonas Brothers co-host LIVE with Kelly and Ryan

While promoting their new album Happiness Begins and documentary Chasing Happiness on Friday (June 14), the Jonas Brothers took on a new role — co-hosts of LIVE with Kelly and Ryan.

During Friday’s show, Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Kevin Jonas helped fill in for Kelly Ripa by serving as co-hosts to Ryan Seacrest. The brothers promoted their new projects, while also testing out a new Bungee: Flow & Fly workout, and helping Ryan interview Chris Hemsworth.

While there, the brothers opened up on how the idea of putting together their documentary came about, and how the doc ultimately helped bring the brothers back together again as a band.

“When we got together to talk about maybe even just playing shows, there was a lot of arguing, laughter, telling old stories,” Joe explained. “And we said look, we should just film this and capture all this. So through the experience of telling all these stories, going back and working through some issues, we looked at each other and were like ‘I think we should do this again.'”

“So, it really brought the band back together, this documentary, and really tells the story of what the Jonas Brothers was, and is, for 15-some years,” he said.

The Jonas Brothers also spoke about what’s coming up next for them: the Happiness Begins World Tour, which kicks off in August.

“We can’t wait,” Joe said. “We’re going out in Miami August 7th, and we’re pretty much touring for a year, or two, or three. We can’t wait. We’re so thrilled. And we’re going to be playing MSG here again in the city and we’re ready for tour.”

As for whether their wives will be joining them on tour:

“Of course,” Nick said.

“As much as they can join us,” Joe added. “They’re pretty busy themselves. But the J-Sisters will be there for sure.”

Check out the Jonas Brothers’ appearance on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan below!

Later that night, the Jonas Brothers hit the stage in Long Island to perform during the BLI Summer Jam 2019.

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Watch: The Jonas Brothers co-host LIVE with Kelly and Ryan

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