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Will Poulter dishes on just how scary 'Midsommar' is - Teen Daily

Will Poulter talks ‘Midsommar’ “The night after watching the film was less than peaceful”

Even though he may have starred in the film, Midsommar still leaves actor Will Poulter full of fear.

In a new interview with WWD, Will opens up about his new horror movie, talking about how scary the film is and what he thinks about his character, Mark.

“I had a relatively OK night’s sleep last night, but the night after watching the film was less than peaceful,” Will said about the movie, which centers around a young couple who travel to a Swedish midsummer festival which turns out to be something out of a nightmare.

“After ‘Midsommar,’ I feel a little bit scared of sunlight and being out amongst nature during the day. Which is really screwed up; to make people scared of that is some feat,” Will said about director Ari Aster‘s latest work.

In the movie, Will plays the roll of Mark, a friend of the lead couple Dani and Christian, who pursues sex and drugs above all else.

“I found it really disturbing, but also I felt like Mark kind of got his comeuppance,” Will said.

“It’s interesting that people — and I said this to [Jack Reynor] — discuss the fact that Christian is lacking in empathy. I’m like, what about your friend who just does not support you in the way that he should?” Will said. “Mark doesn’t really offer him any support. In fact, he feeds this quite dangerous rhetoric of, oh, you need to toughen up, and you need to be a man and be less emotional about it.”

You can catch Will in Midsommar when it hits theaters on July 3!

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Will Poulter talks ‘Midsommar’ “The night after watching the film was less than peaceful”

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