Zendaya dishes on her connection to her ‘Euphoria’ character: “I fell in love with who Rue was”

With just a few weeks to go until her new series Euphoria premieres on HBO, Zendaya has opened up to Paper Magazine about why she wanted to work on the project and how deeply she connected with her character, Rue.

“The show to me is not that shocking,” Zendaya said of the show, which follows a group of high school students through trials and tribulations like drugs, sex, social media, love, and friendship.

“I know a lot of 17-year-olds that are going through this. We’re not more shocking than things that have happened in Game of Thrones. What is shocking is that we’re not used to seeing [young people’s experiences portrayed] so viscerally and so honestly,” she said.

As for her character Rue, Zendaya reveals she felt an instant connection with her upon reading the script:

“I fell in love with who Rue was,” she said. “It felt special because I don’t like to read scripts, and for me to read through it faster than anything I’ve ever read before, obviously I connected with it somehow.”

“I want her to do well in life,” Zendaya said. “I always say there’s hope for Rue, [and] you know she’s going to be alright because Sam is alright. That means she’s going to go on to do good things in her life.”

Zendaya also revealed what it was like playing a grittier role, saying:

“I finally felt like I was doing something that I could push myself [with]. But always you’re still going to have that doubt, and [I’m] still in my head, like, Wait, can I do it?

Euphoria will premiere on Sunday, June 16 on HBO.

You can check out Zendaya’s full interview here!

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Zendaya dishes on her connection to her ‘Euphoria’ character: “I fell in love with who Rue was”

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