Chace Crawford Talks New Series ‘The Boys’

Former Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford is returning to the TV world this month with Amazon’s new dark super-hero comedy, The Boys.

While preparing for the launch of the series, which follows a group of vigilantes who have their sight set on taking down corrupt superheroes, the actor spoke with WWD about his new role and why he’s ready to star in a comedy.

“I was a huge Batman fan, like the old Michael Keaton ones. But all the new stuff, it’s so saturated with these on-the-nose superhero movies. This is kind of more my speed,” Chace said. “This is funny and dark and bizarre. It’s just a really bizarre, wild show. And I was more than happy to poke fun at the overprivileged white guy.”

In the series, Chace plays the character known as ‘The Deep.’

When describing his character, Chace said: “He kind of has a false sense of narcissism, is kind of cocky and just kind of an idiot. But also funny. We all know that guy.”

As for taking on a comedy role, the actor said he was inspired to take one more comedic roles after appearing on a couple episodes of Hulu’s comedy Casual a few years ago.

“I was like ‘This is what I want to do.’ I want to be excited to go to work…it’s fun for me to make people laugh, and play this crazy character,” he said.

“I haven’t got to do comedy and I’m a funny guy. I can be funny!” he said.

You can check out Chace’s full interview here.

The Boys will premiere on Amazon Prime Video this Friday, July 26.

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Chace Crawford Talks New Series ‘The Boys’

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