Emilia Clarke shares why she’s backing NHS plan to support young stroke survivors

After suffering two brain hemorrhages in her 20’s, Emilia Clarke knows better than anyone the care needed for stroke survivors.

In a new interview with BBC Breakfast, the Game of Thrones actress opens up about why she and her charity SameYou are backing a new NHS plan to support your stroke survivors, talking about her own experience and what she learned from it.

“When you’re a young person experiencing it, there’s a whole host of other kind of mental health aspects that largely go unnoticed,” Emilia explained in her interview.

“And that’s what I care about incredibly deeply because that’s what I experienced, as a young person who had it.”

“I put so much pressure on myself to be feeling normal,” Emilia said. “And it was that. It was that strain that exhausted me more than anything else. That’s what brought on anxiety, that’s what brought on fatigue. It’s just this fear of ‘Wait, I’m not meant to be feeling like this. I’m meant to be okay, you’ve told me I’m okay now. Why don’t I feel okay still?'”

“And if I could help a young person who was in the same state that I was in, then I know that they would be able to be lifted and feel lighter in themselves,” she said.

To help increase support for stroke survivors, Emilia’s charity is partnering with The Royal College of Nursing Foundation to train more specialist nurses.

SameYou is a charity founded by Emilia to “increase the provision of immediate rehabilitation for young adults after leaving hospital and to facilitate innovations in specialist nurse training, fund clinical research and develop evidence for policy change.” You can learn more about their mission and the work they do on their official website.

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  • Alexandra
    July 11, 2019

    Is there a link where we can watch the full BBC interview or only this snippet is available?

    • Julia
      July 12, 2019

      I believe this is the only clip that’s available from the interview — I’ve looked around and can’t seem to find an extended version of it.

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Emilia Clarke shares why she’s backing NHS plan to support young stroke survivors

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