EXO members gather to send Do Kyung-Soo off to his military enlistment

EXO member Do Kyung-Soo had a warm send-off to his military enlistment on Monday (July 1) thanks to his fellow EXO members.

Members of the k-pop group gathered to see D.O. (Kyung-soo) off on his enlistment, including member Yixing (Lay Zhang), who returned to Korea from China for just 24 hours so he could say his goodbyes.

To commemorate the moment, EXO shared a photo of the group showing some love to a freshly-shaved Kyung-Soo on Instagram, captioning the photo: “We are one EXO.”

After news broke in May that he would be enlisting, Kyung-Soo wrote a message to fans, saying:

“EXO-Ls, the sudden news must have been surprising for everyone, right? I wanted to first share the news (with you), so I have a heavy heart because I feel like it’s a little late. I’m posting this letter because I wanted to let you know that as much as this decision was made after lots of consideration, I will return healthily and safely.

I sincerely thank EXO-Ls, who are always supportive, and I hope that everyone will always be healthy and have days that are filled with things that make you laugh. I will carefully serve and return to greet you all with a healthy image”

To help tide fans over during his absence, D.O. has also released a new solo song titled That’s Okay. Listen to it below!

Kyung-Soo isn’t the first EXO member to enlist — Xiumin enlisted on May 7 and is serving as an active duty soldier.

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  • Aki Salcedo
    July 2, 2019

    Excuse you but Yixing is still an EXO member. Please get your facts right. Thanks!

    • Julia
      July 2, 2019

      My mistake! Thanks for letting me know. I’ve fixed the post and am reading up on it now so I can better understand EXO and its members.

  • Hedgiehaven
    July 2, 2019

    Lay is a current member of EXO. Due to the problems between South Korea and China idols from bands that have members from these two countries can not promote together at this time. This includes EXO. It is especially hard for Lay as he is also a youth ambassador for China.

    • Julia
      July 2, 2019

      Thank you for this explanation, it’s very helpful! Will definitely be reading up more on this for future reference.

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EXO members gather to send Do Kyung-Soo off to his military enlistment

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