Liam Payne announces new collaboration with Hugo Boss

Liam Payne is venturing into the world of fashion with a new collaboration with Hugo Boss.

The singer announced his new collection this week on Instagram, where he shared a video of himself talking about the new collection along with some photos of himself modeling some of his new pieces.

“Hi guys, it’s Liam here,” he says in the video. “As some of you may know, I’m the newest global ambassador for Hugo Boss. I’ve been waiting to tell you about this new collection that I’ve been designing, I’m so excited I can finally talk about it. It’s called Hugo by Liam Payne, it’s coming soon.”

Liam then goes on to chat a bit about the inspiration and design process of his collection, revealing that partnering with Hugo Boss was a natural fit for him.

“Hugo is very much my style of dress sense anyway, so it was a really easy match up,” Liam says.

The singer also revealed how his arrow tattoos made its way into the collection, and added “you’re gonna love it so please stay tuned, and enjoy.”

Liam’s collection will be available online on Instagram starting Thursday (July 4) and will launch in-stores on Friday (July 5).

Are you excited for Liam’s new Hugo Boss collection? Tell us in the comments below!

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Liam Payne announces new collaboration with Hugo Boss

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