Louis Tomlinson updates fans on new music: “Shouldn’t be long till the next single”

As fans patiently await for Louis Tomlinson to drop his debut album, the singer has given fans a new update on his music, saying his next single will be coming soon.

The former One Direction member took to Twitter on Sunday (July 7) to chat with fans and give them an update on his music, writing:

” Just saw we’re all on the same page, there’s not a day goes by that I don’t think about releasing the album. I’m so excited for that moment! Shouldn’t be long till the next single now 😬”

As for what his new single will sound like, Louis gave fans a teaser, saying it will be “Loud and in your face. I’m most excited for this one”

When a fan asked if the new song will sound like his others, Louis said: “Nope! But defo my preferred direction”

Louis also revealed that he wants to release new songs more frequently. After a fan tweeted: “Waitttt did Louis not say he wanted to release a couple of songs at the same time . Why only one single then,” Louis replied, saying:

“Looking to release more frequently not all at the same time”

So far, Louis has released four solo singles, including Two of Us, Miss You, Back to You, and Just Hold On.

Are you excited for new Louis music?

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Louis Tomlinson updates fans on new music: “Shouldn’t be long till the next single”

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