Millie Bobby Brown on her career: “I love being part of projects that have messages.”

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown recently sat down with Teen Vogue for their new July/August issue, where she talked about her career and how she chooses her projects, along with fashion, UNICEF, and more.

When speaking about her success in her career thus far, Millie revealed that she definitely has her ‘wow’ moments at the kind of life she lives.

“I’ve been ever so lucky to have some amazing projects that have been really well received,” she said. “And my characters, I’ve had such a fun time playing. I think it’s just my life.

“It’s how I’m living my life right now, and again, there are definitely those surreal moments where I’ve stopped myself and said, Wow, this is different, this is not what real people go through, and maybe I should go and feed my dogs and do the normal things in life. But yeah, I mean it’s a cool experience just everything I’m doing, but then again I do love to feed my dogs.”

Photo: Ronan Mckenzie for Teen Vogue

As for how she chooses which projects to take on, Millie said that projects with a deeper meaning is something she’s passionate about.

“I think it’s important to make sure that I’m attaching myself to the right material, things that are appropriate for my age, characters that I relate to and connect to, and things that have an underlying message.”

“I mean, something that I feel so passionate about, and the reason that I love working with UNICEF, is that I feel really passionate about underlying issues and messages through my work,” she said. “And with Stranger Things, it’s embracing yourself. Bullying goes on in schools, bullying goes on online, but in Stranger Things, it’s really about embracing your individuality. And in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, the underlying message is conservation for animals in nature and climate change. And I think that I love being part of projects that have messages.”

While the messaging in Stranger Things is one thing that drew her to the role, Millie also revealed that she was drawn to her character Eleven because of her vulnerabilities.

“For me, I gravitate toward people that need help. I’m just one of those people,” she said. “I think my mom is the same. I gravitate towards people like that. And I think that’s what people do with Eleven. They gravitate toward her because you feel like you need to help her. I don’t know, I find that really fun, especially in movies, you feel like you can try and help people.”

Photo: Ronan Mckenzie for Teen Vogue

As a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF, Millie is also very active in fighting for children’s rights.

“I don’t think there’s a limitation at all to what you can stand for. I mean, for me, there are so many issues with children’s rights, you can’t just pinpoint one thing,” she said. “Yeah, there’s bullying, and yes, there’s exploitation, and yes there’s the fact that there’s no clean water in some countries that are not as privileged as others. I can’t pin myself to one thing because I will feel immediately like I’m being drawn to something else.”

During her interview, Millie also spoke about fashion and her personal style, saying:

“I think that’s the fun about fashion, there’s no rule to fashion. As long as you’re being yourself, I guess that’s the number one role.”

“With me, two years ago, I said, Oh, I’m never going to wear a crop top, and I’m never going to wear heels, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I’ve completely just, again, I boxed myself in three years ago, and now look at me. I love crop tops, I love heels. I’m a girl and I change and I’m evolving. And I’m probably going to say, I’m never going to wear a T-shirt that has tie dye on it. And in three years time, that’s all I love. It’s phases,” she said.

“And every woman, every man, every person on this planet goes through changes with their style, with their person in general, with who they are as a person. They change. And I think that that’s one of the best things about fashion. There are no rules to it. And you should never box yourself in, even though you do, but you shouldn’t.”

You can read Millie’s full feature here!

Stranger Things season 3 drops on Thursday, July 4 on Netflix.

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Millie Bobby Brown on her career: “I love being part of projects that have messages.”

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